POLAIR Coldrooms

POLAIR Coldrooms are modular mountable-and-dismountable constructions made of sandwich panels and intended for maintaining temperature created inside the rooms using refrigerating machines. 

The coldrooms are used in various areas of industrial and retail business to store food, flowers, furs and materials, etc. 

POLAIR coldrooms are made using modern equipment and state-of-the-art technologies, from components supplies by leading European manufacturers. 

Advantages of POLAIR coldrooms:

•Broad model range: 
- made using 80 mm wide panels — POLAIR Standard family 
- made using 100 mm wide panels — POLAIR Professionale family 
•Various panel types: 
- panels with hot-galvanized polymer-coated sheathing (POLAIR Standard and POLAIR Professionale) 
- stainless steel — POLAIR Grande family (built to order) 
• Tongue And Groove junction ensures leak-tightness, maximum thermal insulation, and ease of assembly 
•Due to reliable junction sealing, POLAIR coldrooms can be used outdoors (preferably under a awning) 
•Ease of installation which takes just a few hours (20 m³ can assembled in the span of two to three hours) 
•Invariable availability of the most popular models from POLAIR warehouses 
•Opportunity to build coldroom of virtually any size and configuration, with lugs, turns, partitions, different doors 
•Minimal production times, including customised coldroom production 
•Availability of expansion belts allowing to increase the size of the coldrooms 
• Availability of complete set of components necessary to assemble a coldroom 
•Various types of doors for the coldrooms: 
- swinging 
- sliding 
- container (roll-in) 
•Coldroom Constructor software for fast calculation of customised coldroom sizes and configurations, as well as prices and component sets 

POLAIR Coldroom Line-Up

All POLAIR coldroom model line-up can be divided into three families:   


POLAIR Standard 
Panels 80 mm wide 
POLAIR ProfessionalePanels 80 mm and 100 mm widePOLAIR Grande 
Panels 80 mm and 100 mm wide
Panel sheathing: polymer-coated steel 
Panel sheathing: stainless steel
Standard coldrooms 
Most popular coldroom sizes 
are always available 
from the warehouse (seven models)
Polair KHN-11.02
718,180 Ft
Tartomány környezeti hőmérséklet-30 ... + 40Térfogat, m311.02Befoglaló méretek3160h1960h2200..
Polair KHN-11.75
740,600 Ft
Tartomány környezeti hőmérséklet-30 ... + 40Kötet, M311.75Befoglaló méretek2560h2560h2200..
Polair KHN-2,94
384,500 Ft
Tartomány környezeti hőmérséklet-30 ... + 40Térfogat, m32,94Befoglaló méretek1360h1360h2200..
Polair KHN-4,41
476,500 Ft
Tartomány környezeti hőmérséklet-30 ... + 40Térfogat, m34.41Befoglaló méretek1960h1360h2200..
Polair KHN-6.61
574,480 Ft
Tartomány környezeti hőmérséklet-30 ... + 40Térfogat, m36,61Befoglaló méretek1960h1960h2200..
Polair KHN-7,71
595,800 Ft
Tartomány környezeti hőmérséklet-30 ... + 40Térfogat, m37,71Befoglaló méretek2260h1960h2200..
Polair KHN-8,81
607,100 Ft
Tartomány környezeti hőmérséklet-30 ... + 40Térfogat, m38,81Befoglaló méretek2560h1960h2200..
718,180 Ft
740,600 Ft
384,500 Ft
476,500 Ft
574,480 Ft
595,800 Ft
607,100 Ft
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