POLAIR Refrigerating Machines are available in several forms: mid- and low-temperature monoblocks and split units. They are intended for cooling, freezing, and maintaining the required temperature inside coldrooms. 

Refrigerating machines consist of two main blocks: an evaporator block inside the coldroom, and a condenser block outside. 

Outer block ( 1 ) contains: 
• compressor 
• copper-aluminium condenser 
• blowdown fan 
• filter drain 
• electronic control unit 
(for POLAIR Standard refrigerating machine family) 
• condenser collection and evaporation tub  Inner block ( 2 ) contains: 
• evaporator 
• blowdown fan 
• tubular electric heating element of the evaporator thawing 
• condenser collection pan 

The outer and the inner blocks of the monoblock are connected into a single unit using thermal insulation padding of polyurethane foam. Monoblocks are installed on the upper wall of the coldroom.

Split units consist of two separate blocks connected with thermal-insulated copper tubing and power and control cables. Split unit blocks can be placed at some distance from each other. This allows to use split units when the wall width or the area size prevent customers from using monoblocks.

Main specifications and design features of POLAIR refrigerating machines: 

• All refrigerating machines use ozone-safe R404А refrigerant. 
• Refrigerating machines feature leak-proof piston compressors. 
• Capillary tube serves as a throttler. 
• Evaporator thawing is automatic. Condenser is evacuated into the collection tub (in the outer block) via a tube heated using a flat electric heating element. Water evaporates from the tub due to the heat emitted by the hot pumping tube leading from the compressor.
• Electronic control units maintain the pre-set temperature in the cooled area, switch on evaporator thawing mode, and allow to adjust parameters of the refrigerating machine operation.

Advantages of POLAIR refrigerating machines:  

• Broad model line-up 
• Components from the most trusted European makers 
• Cases made of polymer-coated galvanised metal provide reliable protection against corrosion and mechanical damage 
• Every refrigerating machine is subject to computer-aided testing and operation mode control 
• Easy to assemble, connect and use 
• Easy to de-assemble and reinstall 
• Winter Set option for using monoblocks outdoors (at temperatures up to -10°С). 
• Extra reliability of all blocks due to balanced load distribution 
• Effective evaporator thawing system 
• Even distribution of cool air throughout the coldroom 
• High-pressure switch for three-phase aggregates 
• Additional options: coldroom illumination, door heating, pressure balance valve (for low-temperature coldrooms).

Polair SM342S
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269,989 Ft
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