POLAIR Refrigerated Counters are universal pieces of equipment combining the functions of a refrigerated cabinet and a full-featured work-top.   

POLAIR refrigerated counters are made of stainless steel, both inside and outside (except for back wall).

These refrigerated counters ensure more rational use of production area, optimized personnel operation, considerably reduced energy consumption.

POLAIR refrigerated counters are compact, but capacious.

Void-free body design with no gaps between doors ensures maximum possible cooled space for storing food products.

Our 700 mm depth refrigerated counters are designed to accommodate GN 1/1 gastronorm dimensioned professional kitchen containers.

All refrigerating system components with hidden evaporator are mounted in a stand-alone compartment, separated from refrigerated space.

Each high performance refrigerated counter has double-deck modular structure, fully withdrawable to ensure operation and maintenance convenience.

POLAIR medium-temperature refrigerated counters are designed to operate at up to +43°С environmental temperature. Operating temperature ranges from -2 to +10°С.

POLAIR low-temperature refrigerated counters are designed to operate at up to +32°С environmental temperature. Operating temperature shall not exceed -18°С

Electronic control unit allows to precisely set up, control and maintain temperature and features the refrigerating system selfdiagnosis function.

Bodies and doors of our refrigerated counters are made of solid-cast polyurethane foam and ensure excellent thermal insulation, strength and air-tightness properties.

Standardized dimensions of the refrigerated counters ensure, that an end user is always able to build custom-confi gured uniform production line, perfectly suitable for either retail or catering applications.

Having no parts, protruding out of the edge of the countertop, these refrigerated counters are user-friendly and safe;

Handy stainless steel door handles.

The doors are fitted with elastic PVC sealant with magnetic inserts.

Height-adjustable stainless steel feet.

Countertops are manufactured from 40 mm thick (1,0 mm) stainless steel with 600 mm bead and perfectly operate as fullfeatured worktops.

Radially curved front countertop edge of ensures proper labor and sanitary safety coupled with nice appearance.