POLAIR Chest Freezers were designed by an Italian engineering company and are built on an Italian-made assembly line. 

POLAIR Chest Freezers belong to 4+ climate class. 

They show reliable operation indoors and in open-air* retail and catering areas at outside temperature up to +35° С. 

Operation temperatures range from -25° to -18° С.

Thermal insulation walls of POLAIR chest freezers are 70 mm wide.

POLAIR chest freezers feature professional refrigeration system sporting the following: 
• reliable leak-proof compressor from leading European vendors 
• aluminium evaporator coil 
• copper-aluminium capacitor bank with a fan. 

Mechanical thermostat serves as thermoregulator . 

Ozone-safe R404A and R134a are used as refrigerants; products can be customised to use green R290 (propane) as refrigerant. 

All standard products feature thermometer to control temperature. The sensor is situated in the uppermost part of the chest freezer which is the warmest.

POLAIR chest freezer panelling is made of polymer-coated stainless steel both on the inside and the outside. This ensures: 
• Mechanical strength of construction 
• Durability 
• Reliable corrosion resistance 
• High quality merchandising-wise 
• Broad personification opportunities — both the inside and the outside walls of the chest freezers can be painted any colour 

For additional convenience of hygienic maintenance, all chest freezers have a hole in the bottom that is covered with a plug when the device is in on.

POLAIR chest freezers are available in a complete range of models with capacity ranging from 200L to 532L: 
• Chest freezers with sliding glass lids intended for selling and showcasing frozen food 
• Chest freezers with solid lids targeted at storing and freezing (small amounts of) food

POLAIR glass lid chest freezers are available in several forms: 
• with flat glass lids 
• with curved glass lids 
POLAIR chest freezers with lifting solid lids family includes: 
• chest freezers with galvanised polymer-coated steel lids 
• chest freezers with stainless steel lids

To make the selection process easier, all chest freezers were divided into series: 
• all glad lid chest freezers and chest freezers with solid galvanised polymer-coated steel lids are part of POLAR Standard line 
• chest freezers with solid stainless steel lids are part of POLAIR Grande line

*Chest freezers must be protected against precipitation and direct sunlight